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  •  Here is the most honest reply I can give you. (8+ / 0-)

    Nobody gives up power without a fight.  White. male, college (class) represent the big three power pilars --and if you look at our government and the CEO's (outside of the wives of some CEO's who sit on boards), the world is still mainly WMR (white, male, rich)overlords in America.

    You mentioned 50 years -- we've (women)have been in this spot for thousands of years -- so some of the changes (like tokens like Obama or -ugh-Bachman) are actually signs of improvement -- along with women in jobs they couldn't have held 40 years ago, and divorce, and some public childcare.

    Just means we have to keep up the work.  P.S. Women still only own 8% of the wealth compared to men (and that stat doesn't even break out the much worse stat for women of color)

    P.S. The IMF rapist just got off his second charge of sexual assault (first in the USA,now in France).  Hello!

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