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    And all the conversers!

    After spending much of my week thinking through the experiences that went into my "indigenous" diary (and then struggling with a failing router all day yesterday).

    Thinking about how Boston is one of the few places that has, at least theoretically, addressed the "Occupy" problem.

    It's so much easier to proclaim words of solidarity than act them out.  

    I haven't been able to physically participate that much in OccupyWallStreet/LiberateBurque this week, but tomorrow is a big action and I will be there.  I'm going to try to increase my presence next week, keeping in mind these issues.

    I do perceive, given certain realities, that tough, individualistic, competitive, privileged male energy tends to dominate the messier group process.  And it was certainly males who most staunchly objected to the idea of honoring the voices and concerns of the indigenous people, who were also majority female in that gathering.

    Just goes to show "You have to be carefully taught."

    I'm not all that familiar with the process that is being used, so I appreciate when it is described.  A young woman whom I work with at Peacecraft facilitated a very tricky and complex GA Monday night after the police had ousted Camp Coyote the preceeding midnight.  She did an amazing job.  Good thing I got a nice photo of her to send her!!  She has a energetic, but calm, kind of energy, a sense of self-confidence, and a serious grasp of societal power dynamics.

    And, yes, this movement has a long, long way to go to grow into its stated principles.  Why am I not surprised???

    I've been thinking a lot this week about what I learned via Liberation Theology--The Praxis of Liberation is Action/Reflection!


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