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View Diary: House Democrats ask Justice Department to investigate banks over debit card fees (71 comments)

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    around with credit card rates and consumer agencies is getting tiresome. Not that it's a bad thing but it is just not going to solve the real underlying problems.  why can't any elected official at least get up and speak up for actual regulation. Revive Glass-Steagall or enforce the anti-trust laws, would be a good start. As long as the Democrat's refuse to 'welcome their hate' and try to keep the zombies alive cause they believe in the free market and they would end the 'world as we find it' were fucked. So are they by the way as nobody like a weenie liberal and in case they haven't noticed people do not like having their government owned and operated for and by the Visigoths of finance who want to rule the world on our backs. Either the party fights for us or it will lose there comes a day when could be worse just doesn't cut it.    

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