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  •  You know, I just lent someone my Birds of Libya (8+ / 0-)

    field guide... wouldn't you just know it?  :-)

    but seriously... I'm looking through Birds of Europe, which does show North Africa as well.  The Euro Robin doesn't seem to have all that buffy undertail, nor color in the base of the tail, and the face pattern is different - not such a solid head, and no eye-ring.

    One bird that looks pretty good is female Redstart - their Redstart is a thrush, not a warbler.  Another possible is female Red-rumped Wheatear.  The map shows both of them in Libya.

    Looking at the shrikes, Great Grey Shrike looks pretty good, and the map shows them in Libya, too.

    •  Cool! (8+ / 0-)

      I googled European Shrike and I think you are right on the Great Grey Shrike.

      The small bird that I thought might be a robin may well be a wheatear - there were a couple of them and they behaved like wheatears, perching on low bushes and looking around and then flying on.  I'm thinking probably a wheatear. particularly since the location was very dry and barren.


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