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View Diary: UPDATE: New Footage From 10/5 - NYC Police Unleash Monumental Beatdowns On Protestors... (56 comments)

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  •  There has to be accurate OWS reporting. (1+ / 0-)
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    hey mister

    Simply recycling video from previous conflicts does not help the goal.

    Outside media will crucify the group for stuff like this.

    If a violent incident happens again, people will see it, and there's so much media, it will be covered as it happens.

    LOCAL MEDIA BASICALLY FAIR TO OWS. (Yes, even Fox 5.) It's the cable coverage that's all over the map. So no one should do stupid stuff to mess that balance up.

    Because reporters actually saw how the city, cops and Mayor Plutocrat reacted, as well as the MIX of protesters, coverage shifted from 'those crazy kids' to 'those folks have a point.'

    As I've noted before, there will be coverage of ZP/OWS from 4AM tomorrow. And the national shows start at 7AM, when the three stage eviction is supposed to start. Do you think the media would miss that?

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