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View Diary: Occupy Denver evicted on order of Gov. Hickenlooper (D). Arrests made. (97 comments)

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    I just shared mine.

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      Are you sure you are a Democrat?

      What possible reason could you have for closing a public park by executive order to stop a peaceful assembly?  Have you no respect for the constitution of this country?

      As a resident of XXXX, and someone who voted for you, I am ashamed of your actions.  How is closing the public park anything other than restricting the right of people to peaceably assemble?  I spent part of my childhood iin Paraguay, under Pres. Stroessner.  This is behavior I would expect from him, not from a Democrat in the USA.

      Shame on you.  

      While my vote may be "safe" because the other side is crazier than you are, you won't see my money in any election until you show that you actually hold some Democratic values.

      Re-open the park.  Drop the charges.  Stand with the 99%.

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