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  •  One Trick Pony (none)
    The current righties really have only one trick up their sleeve. It has many names: Dog-whistling, propagandizing, word association, whatever. It's all based on using their built-in advantages (the soapbox of the presidency now, money always) to repeat phrases and words over and over together so that voters begin to associate them. Iraq = 9/11. Culture of Life = anti-abortion. It's hard work = we're saving souls.

    The cynicism is absolutely breathtaking, but Bush particularly is the best I've ever seen at it. He understands how this sort of thing works, and is very, very clever about using. Make no mistake. This is not Rove, or Cheney. It's Bush. He learned this trick a long time ago, and through cleverness, discipline, and above all else an appalling willingness to use it over and over on any issue, he now dominates American politics. God help us all.

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