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  •  Ozzie Ozzie Ozzie! (none)
    As somone upthread mentioned, it's an import from Australia. The Tories brought in Lynton Crosby, who has been refrenced as the Karl Rove of Australia, and was responsible for getting - and keeping - John Howard in power. For the first time in large-scale British politics, Crosby has brought in push-polling and new daily talking points designed for coordinated attacks on Blair.

    Going from all that, I would assume that "dog-whistle politics" were used for the benefit of John Howard (think about all the attention he gave the crisis with that ship of immigrants offshore), and as such, Austrian newspapers have probably been using them for a while.

    Besides, the Brits love idiomatic expressions in their newspapers. Some Guardian write probably saw it in the SMH, and (after giggling for joy) started using it everywhere.

    •  Australia (none)
      Home of Rupert Murdoch, who, I believe invented the metal that they use to make the dog whistle itself.

      Or perhaps he invented the pitch.

      Not sure.

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