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  •  We do stand FOR the most important things (4.00)
    We Democrats stand for what is important: faith, family and freedom.

    We stand for faith:  we don't care if you have one, or which one it is or none at all.  You're entitled to your faith, to practice it and not have it infringed, subjegated or diminished by any one else. No one is excluded because we have faith in all.

    We stand for family:  we don't care if it traditional, blended, multi-generational, single-parent or gay. Families with loving, supportive adults in a nurturing environment and structure are the best and only foundation in our society.  

    We stand for freedom:  We believe in all of our constitutional freedoms, where freedom comes from laws rather than from men. We believe in  freedom from fear, from hate, from hunger, from sickness, from economic hopelessness and social indifference.  

    Faith, Family and Freedom. This is our heritage.

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