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    A couple of days ago their was a Yahoo article about a women who had been unemployed for six months who finely thought she was going to get a job but then was told they would not consider anybody who was currently unemployed. I  scanned the comments, thinking that even Rightwingers would agree that this is wrong. No dice.

    The comments were unbelievable. They said that she didn't have a job because she sat on her ass for six months collecting unemployment so of course nobody would want to hire someone who hadn't worked in six months since they clearly didn't want to work unless they really have to. She should never ever get another job again and neither should any of those lazy unemployed people. So they think that there should be no assistance AND they should never be allowed to work. They are simply insane. Apparently they assume all of this people with no income will simply spontaneously combust rather then beg on the streets or turn to crime.

    In a similar vein I was scrolling through the comments of FOX "News" attached to an article favorable to the protest by their token Progressive and read bizarre comments like somebody who claimed to see some business people on FOX talking about how the stupid Wall Street protesters didn't realize that their are cameras everywhere and everybody there has had their picture taken and file and now nobody will ever hire anybody who was there. (Patently obsurd) Some commentators sounded giddy that this could happen.  Apparently they don't believe in Free Speech or the Right to Peacefully Assemble and think that the entire corporate world should permanently blacklist all people who participate in protests that they don't like.

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