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  •  please read diary on how to counter "they have no (3+ / 0-)

    message" meme.

    I didn't write the diary, but I think the idea is brilliant so I am trying to spread the word.

    Basically, if I have the idea correct, it is that we should have all the OWS groups "vote" or "poll" themselves on CURRENT ISSUES and legislation in REAL TIME.

    So, the trade deals coming up, for example.  We give an up or down vote answering the question: Does it benefit the 99%?  We report the votes, tally them up... GET ON THE MEDIA.

    I agree that we cannot pigeon-hole ourselves or open ourselves up to co-option by making "demands" from Mommy and Daddy Government.  But, we do need to EDUCATE the public and without a message/s we are not doing that.  

    Signs are great.  Marching is great.  Blogging is great.  But we need to be a POLITICAL movement that is involved in POLITICS.  We also need to take a seat at that coveted "table" and get on the damn Tee-Vee or we don't exist.  We are already on the TV, so now we need to talk to those who watch the TV.  One way to break through the media-censoring of substantive issues, is to create a VISUAL of all of us voting up or down on current issues that are already being covered.  

    It is like we could become a permanent (we aren't leaving, right?) voice from the streets..... voting on issues as they happen, instead of waiting for voting day.  

    So the media would say "Well, the OWS movement seems to have come up with an opinion on this issue, and it is ..... is this their message?  Um, I dunno... what demands are they making... oh, wait, here comes another issue, they are saying that they think the current trade deal up for a vote is NOT in the best interest of the 99%, as they call themselves..."  and thus we take a seat at the media table.....

    We also need to do other things to address this "message" issue, but I think this is a good start.

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