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  •  My older daughter, 23, has been an activist but (8+ / 0-)

    never that much domestically. She was involved in demonstrations in the West Bank and Israel for Palestinian rights, human rights. In this country she's gay and of course supports gay rights, but she's never gotten out in the street. She planned to attend gay pride in D.C., and somehow didn't get to it. In 2008 did some canvassing with us for Obama, but didn't do anything on her own. Her activism has been more personal, volunteering with young people, mainly minority & queer, her internship with Teaching for Change, or attending (and writing for) poetry slams.
    But like your daughter, Occupy has grabbed her. It's her generation's thing and for once she's directing our activities. She went down to McPherson Square & Freedom Plaza in D.C. for 2 days and checked out both groups. Then invited us to join her -- she had figured out what was happening and where and got us started, then ran around encouraging the marchers and taking pictures of everything. A fellow kossack kindly offered to collect supplies for Occupy DC and I zoomed over to Costco and bought stuff (being a Jewish mother, that included woolen socks), but my daughter called and said she'd take all the supplies in. She then went through our house and her own possessions gathering other things they might need. And she grabbed her little sister (age 11) and they went to McPherson Square on Saturday night, delivered everything and talked to lots of people.
    There is something about the organic nature of this, the non-directed, not-from-professional-activists character of Occupy that is enthralling to her, but also to her (much) older parents. It reminds me of my high school days, skipping school to go to civil rights marches (1965 & 66).

    If, in our efforts to win, we become as dishonest as our opponents on the right, we don't deserve to triumph.

    by Tamar on Sun Oct 16, 2011 at 09:21:17 PM PDT

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