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View Diary: Bill Kristol Smears Occupy Wall Street as "Antisemitic." Jeopardizes American Support for Israel* (301 comments)

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  •  Kristol's slander aside, (21+ / 0-)

    #OWS is fundamentally on the same page as the hundreds of thousands of Israelis who protested in the streets against economic inequality in their country--and on the same page as the Arab Muslims who have brought down, and are still trying to bring down, oligarchies in their countries.  Presumably no one yet thinks they can get away with calling those Israelis anti-Semitic, even though "Likud" and "Israel" are synonymous in the minds of a lot of American right-wingers.

    Personally, I derive a little, cautious comfort from the thought that the advances in connectivity and communication of the last few decades may finally make it possible for people everywhere to become more conscious of their class situation, instead of thinking of themselves exclusively in terms of nationality and religion.  I suspect the same thought has occurred to Mr. Kristol, and that's why he's leveling this 21st-century witchcraft denunciation against the #OWS protestors.

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