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View Diary: Bill Kristol Smears Occupy Wall Street as "Antisemitic." Jeopardizes American Support for Israel* (301 comments)

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  •  originally there were ridiculous racial theories (9+ / 0-)

    based on language families, yes.

    However today there is no specific prejudice applied and confined to all speakers of Semitic languages.  Nobody goes around saying "Gee, I really hate Maltese, Northern Ethiopians and Eritreans, Jews, and Arabs.  But I'm cool with Persians and Oromos and Kenyans, so it's just a Semitic thing."  

    So not only does antisemitism have a universally accepted definition applying to Jewish people, but the way that people are attempting to dedefine it doesn't have an application in the real world.

    •  How many European or American anti-Semites (0+ / 0-)

      hate Jews but have no particular feelings for Arabs and brown people in general? I would bet there are vanishingly few. And then, how do you differentiate anti-Jewish prejudice from prejudice against other "Orientals"? What separates the two?

      Not to say that later forms of "judenhass" are indistinguishable from more general prejudices against brown people, but I think they continue to be closely related, and certainly they have a lot of shared history. And I think it would be fair to say that part of the basis of modern anti-Semitism is the notion that even Caucasian-looking Jews are somehow different from other white people because of some kind of Oriental racial heritage (people might not know to articulate it in that way, but from what I understand, their beliefs are largely consistent with that thinking).

      proud to be a pro-democracy kossack

      by bicycle Hussein paladin on Sun Oct 16, 2011 at 04:53:22 PM PDT

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      •  antisemitism is a particular disease (3+ / 0-)
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        volleyboy1, Mets102, JayinPortland

        It is a constant throughout history.  The fact that it is so resiliant, and changes form to match the times, marks it out as unique in the annals of prejudice and racism.  

        Antisemitism can be religious or ethnic, it can be right wing or left wing, it is espoused in some form in every country on Earth, and touted by people at all social levels.

        Antisemitism is its own thing, and while it shares some characteristics and adherents with other forms of prejudice, it is unique.

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