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View Diary: Protesters document NYPD horses ramming in Times Sq. make this video viral UPDATE: new video (619 comments)

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  •  watch the projection there! (0+ / 0-)

    accusing me of "mocking" - you have no right to put intent into my posts.  this is the problem with "these young people" (of which, you are one since i am considerably OLDER than you are).

    my posts are based on the video "evidence" recorded and posted - i have been careful not to lump everyone under the same sack - i have been VERY careful to state that a few provocateurs are pushing hard to get reactions from the officers assigned to crowd control.

    you erroneously "assume" i don't like the "fact that people protest" while having absolutely NO evidence to that statement - and this is what i object to reading in these hysteria laced posts.

    YOU assume that you know what i think, do, participate in, etc.  and you assume incorrectly, young lady!  

    there is a very large difference between "civil disobedience" and openly physically struggling with law enforcement officers.  your group apparently has not watched the massive demonstrations of peaceful civil disobedience of MY generation.  shouting into a police officer's face "YOU'RE A FUCKING DICK!" is NOT peaceful civil disobedience by any person's standard.  striking a police officer or his horse with a sign is NOT "peaceful civil disobedience", nor is it an occupation - those actions are one very tiny step below "mob" - and "riot" and those actions incur disastrous responses from law enforcement officers who may very well agree with the purpose of the protests but are not supposed to be the actual targets.

    the constant drumbeat of "police brutality" around here when using instances that are NOT brutality while ignoring the instances that ARE very definitely abuse of power undermine the entire effort.

    your statement "these protesters did not attack the police" is in direct counter to the actual footage of the horse video posted in this diary.

    my "dissonance" is with the blatant refusal of those who are so "in the moment" here that they cannot see the damage they are doing to this effort to expose the corruption of the 1% who have almost destroyed this nation economically.

    IF you have the courage to go back and look at the video again, you will see greenshirt striking the officers with the protest sign - AND you will see him trying to rip the barricade out of the officers' hands.  that is NOT "peaceful civil disobedience".  you apparently have no concept of what that term means if you consider his behavior appropriate and non-arrest worthy.

    the same goes for mr colored scarf - he was in the group that caused the horse to shy - and i would bet you dollars to donuts he was one of the reasons that the horse so visibly shied and then fell.  the horse just didn't suddenly go "OH! i think i'm gonna FALL now!"  horses aren't stupid.  people are.

    had that officer been injured or killed (the same goes for his mount), the persons in the crowd that were flailing or hitting at the horse would have been directly responsible.  but, then, it seems that responsibility is sorely lacking in that entire video.

    and, just to be perfectly clear - i am outraged at the brutality of SOME of the officers, especially the one who, with absolutely NO provocation, sucker punched the woman in green on the 15th.  why isn't this site posting THAT video and talking about THAT incident instead of this faux meme that these big horses were being made to "ram" protesters (oops - different diary, same distortions).

    resa, it is your attitude and that of those who think that exaggerating and blowing up this "innocent peaceful protesters" story while the video clearly shows another side to that claim is why i am not out at any ows.  i am not pleased with the deliberate provocation of the police with all the youtube 15 minutes of fame wannabes sticking cameras forward to catch whatever had been provoked by a small group of demonstrators.

    WHY isn't the picture of the WWII veteran with a walker front and center instead of these breathless accounts of how "BRUTAL" the police are being to the poor little peaceful protesters (shouting obscenities into their faces).

    you can't have it both ways - and this demonstration is out of control in some areas.  others, it is accomplishing awareness.

    the really sad part is that it isn't inspiring political action because it is so out of touch with it's own purpose.

    Is GlowNZ back yet?

    by edrie on Mon Oct 17, 2011 at 07:24:24 PM PDT

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