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    I did see the wikipedia article about how Baum's story is an allegory for the Free Silver populist movement, the cowardly lion being Wm. Jennings Bryan, etc. It seems a little like an urban legend though. Even in the BBC article cited as the source:

    But not everyone believes The Wonderful Wizard of Oz includes any hidden meanings.

    "Nobody ever suggested it until 1964," says Bradley Hansen, who is a professor of economics at the University of Mary Washington.

    "There's no solid evidence that Baum had written it as a monetary allegory," he adds. "While it may have grabbed students' interests, it doesn't really teach them anything about the gold standard and, in particular, the debate about the gold standard."

    Professor Hansen thinks the author was just trying to create a new kind of fairytale, the "Harry Potter of its time".

    •  That's not the same at all as my point (1+ / 0-)
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      radical simplicity

      which -- if you get off Wikipedia -- has solid evidence behind it that Baum was a reporter in Chicago when Coxey's Army went through, was inspired by it for aspects of his Oz series, etc. . . .  Oh, fuggedaboudit, this is like correcting a weird essay on an exam in which the student answers anything but the question asked.

      "Let all the dreamers wake the nation." -- Carly Simon

      by Cream City on Mon Oct 17, 2011 at 01:37:19 PM PDT

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