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View Diary: 2. Update - Dr. Cornel West arrested at Supreme Court in Washington DC (321 comments)

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    Some comments made to deride Dr. West's arrest are clearly made by folks who went through/going through the political turmoil of our nation without taking a non-violent resistance personal statement. It is not easy.
      Back in the 70's when we were being arrested at Rocky Flats nuke trigger co. It was the "celebrity" folks arrested with us that brought more attention. A good thing.

    I have chosen to have my government arrest me on numerous occasions. Most of these occasions have been with a group.

    None of my friends, close for decades have chosen to share my activism..that is fine.
    My kids, growing up and visiting me in jail still don't understand...that is fine.

    If you have objections to Dr. West's political views, you can stand in line behind that Great former President of Harvard Larry Summers. Dr. West believes that as an Educator it is his job to provoke thought, response. He clearly has done that with some folks here...

    But doing that on this topic makes ya sound like the crackers at Fox discussing Al Sharpton...and you all are better than that..
    Thank you for this diary..
    Thanks to the Dr. and the other arrested..
    Thank you to the Occupy Denver folks arrested this week..

    and yes..I did wear my DFH colors on this particular occasion back in 2006..
    (and yes I did fast for the days I was in jail in solidarity with Cindy Sheehan and others in D.C.)

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