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View Diary: Cantor's income disparity speech: 'How we make sure the people at the top stay there' (55 comments)

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    understand is that most of us do not want the rich to lose thier money and possessions, what we want is for the rich to pay thier fair share and the poor not to have to pay.  I was going to mention the middle class, but I am not sure there is much of a middle class anymore.

    As a former middle class wage earner I always believed that I should be paying a higher percentage of my income in taxes than people who made less than I did.  That is what most of us want of the 1%, your fair share is not what my fair share, your is more.

    Mr. Cantor listen to what the people are saying and not the 1% (yeah I know fat chance).

    I used to be one of the uncounted unemployed, now I am just one of the underemployed.

    by 99erinOregon on Mon Oct 17, 2011 at 02:06:01 PM PDT

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