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  •  This aggressive behavior is common (4.00)
    I see the anger in the eyes of true Bush supporters when I ask where, exactly, is the warehouse holding weapons of mass destruction.  I enjoy pushing their buttons, and watching their heads explode.  Then I tell them to not even talk to me until they learn some basic facts. Their heads spin round and round.  I know I shouldn't antagonize them the way I do, but I just cannot help it.  They are so fact-less.

    And I think it is very important for students to learn about the media.  Yesterday, during a break, I showed some students headlines from, and  All were about Terri receiving "a drop of wine for Communion." led with American soldiers dead in Iraq.  Nowhere to be found on the American sites.

    I am starting to think that it is not just accidental.  How the hell can our media justify all Terri, all the time, and ignore the war deaths?  What the hell is going on?  

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