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  •  close to home (none)
    One of the weirdest occasionally recurring comments I get on my teaching evaluations is something like "he just stands up in front of the class and tries to show off how much he knows."

    Where did I miss the directive that conveying knowledge isn't part of my job description?  I do like to integrate knowledge from many different fields in my class; but when I say "interesting point.  That sounds like a social psychological theory known as 'optimal distinctiveness, which means. . .'" they often interpret that as "ooh, look at the big words I know," when in fact it's just my naive adherence to the idea that I might get one of them excited about learning something new.

    •  my FAVORITE evaluation comment (none)
      Aside from the student who wrote "Jeff is the man!" was this:

      He's more interested in showing off how much he knows then in teaching.

      One of my teacher friends, after hearing this, said, "You're goddamn right I'm up there showing off what I know.  I didn't spend all this fucking time getting this degree to hide it!"

      Just wait until the Drambuie and sleeping pills kick in.

      by MAJeff on Wed Mar 30, 2005 at 05:59:28 AM PST

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