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View Diary: Washington Post-ABC poll: Perry disliked by conservatives, Cain by blacks (62 comments)

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    First, nominating a Cuban doesn't help all that much with non-Cubans.  The exile community is not beloved among Latinos writ large.  (only 40% of non-Cuban Latinos supported him in his last election, and that was against two awful opponents).

    Further, as a Senator he's come out against the DREAM act despite sponsoring a similar version in the state house, and drops the "amnesty" word.  This is logical -- if he has higher aspirations in the party he's chosen, he has to be the "good Latino," the one they point to in order to criticize others.  This doesn't mean he doesn't come at these views genuinely, though in the case of the DREAM act he clearly doesn't, or isn't entitled to hold hypocritical views because of his ethnic heritage, but it does mean that he won't appeal to any Latinos who don't already want to vote Republican.

    Where his presence helps is among white voters who prefer the Republican message but want an excuse not to feel as though they're buying into racist attacks on Obama.

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    by Loge on Wed Oct 19, 2011 at 10:57:32 AM PDT

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