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View Diary: Will the Rs have a brokered convention this year? (132 comments)

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  •  The difference (6+ / 0-)

    Is that Bachmann's is purely a vanity campaign at this point. She has to stay in because she is Michele Bachmann. If she drops out, she's done. The money dries up, the cameras go away. She has to stay on the stage until they yank her off with a crook because once this run is over, she's finished as a national level politician.

    •  Does this mean she doesn't run for her Congress (0+ / 0-)

      seat?  So we'll be done with her one way or another after next year's convention (unless, somehow, shudder, shudder, she actually is on the ticket to come out of the convention)?  At that point, however, she'd probably do her own bus tour and play like Sarah Palin, though I'd rather she just go Galt.

    •  Bachmann will become the next Harold Stassen (0+ / 0-)

      ...of the Republican Party.

      Now that she's tasted the adrenaline of a national run, she's never going to give it up.  She'll become even more pathetic than Ralph Nader, in that she has none of Nader's self-awareness.

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