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  •  i have been in the ecological buyer's (5+ / 0-)

    mindset for a little while.  A car would be useful, but i do alright without one.  It hurts the social life a bit, especially now that winter is coming.  I promised myself i wouldnt buy a car until i could afford an electric, and now that i have been fortunate enough to inherit some money, i could certainly do that. But i am still hesitant to buy one.
    Thanks for sharing your story.

    •  We live someplace with no public transit (2+ / 0-)
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      JDWolverton, tommyfocus2003

      and everything is spread out - 10 miles to the town post office, the dentist offices are 30 miles apart, ditto for health care offices, grocery stores are also 10 miles apart (though we have tons of farmer's markets, which makes up for it.)

      A car is a necessity. I'm pretty sure our farm wouldn't be welcome (or possible) in a less rural area - especially in the summer, before the roosters meet the guy who turns them into nice, quiet dinner kits.

      But we make up for it by buying used, small, efficient cars; living off-grid; and trying to buy - as much as possible - either locally-produced or used products and foods.

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