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View Diary: Woolsey and Payne Coddle Dictator in Bahrain (6 comments)

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  •  would a Shia majority-rule Bahrain (0+ / 0-)

    be a secular democracy?   Or would it tend toward theocracy and alliance with Iran?

    If Bahrain moves toward alliance with Iran, that could sew chaos in the region, giving the Iranian regime a toe hold right next to Saudi Arabia.  Plus the US would lose our base there.  Iran might come out the big winner.

    •  as if a democracy couldn't ally with iran (0+ / 0-)

      i find it fascinating how little confidence americans have in democracy abroad. it's a tacit admission that we treat these countries as puppets and not sovereign nations with their own national interests and popular mandates.

      i also find it interesting that a statement of concern about shia theocracy is followed with a concern that bahrain would cease to ally itself with saudi arabia, a theocratic monarchy. so now the wahhabbis aren't so scary?

      complicated contortions here. i find it easier just to call for governments not to fire upon, torture, or persecute their citizens, for the right of the people to determine what their government and national interests ought to be, and to make their own alliances as free nations. no matter the ethnic, religious, or cultural makeup of the electorate in question.

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