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  •  Larger picture if you have a Twitter account, (3+ / 0-)

    you meant to say.

    Since my monitor doesn't have the resolution to enable me to read the fine print, can someone please tell me how a $100 theft turned into a 15 year sentence?

    •  I was wondering if it was prior record (2+ / 0-)
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      high uintas, JC from IA

      You can actually look it up on the Shreveport court web site:

      He's the Roy Brown born in 1954. Look like 7 priors in that court anyway, ranging from public drunkeness to domestic abuse. Nothing warranting a huge sentence I'd guess,  certainly nothing approaching armed robbery.

      So it must be the "armed" part of the robbery--the mortgage guy didn't pull a gun on anybody? Seems harsh though given that he turned himself in. Maybe a bad lawyer?

      •  Thanks so much for the link! (0+ / 0-)

        I think it is quite possible that 10 of those years were for being guilty of having black skin in Shreveport, is what I think.

        Still, I was held up by a gun-toting teen decades ago, and the gun bought him and at least one of his chums 25 years mandatory.

        Problem is, of course, that is the same sentence he would have received for Murder 2; IOW, he could have improved his odds by pulling the trigger, without a downside.

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