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    The Asahi Simbun's report is a little bit dated, in that they claim TEPCO has no plans to prevent groundwater ingress into the reactor basements. In fact they have been planning and designing sunken barriers (shieldwalls) to go around the reactors to prevent groundwater movements and its subsequent contamination, and they plan to start building the first section of shieldwalls at the end of October which should prevent groundwater escaping into the sea.

     As for the high levels of Cs-134 and Cs-137 measured in seawater as shown in the charts in the diary those samples are taken from the shore side of the silt fences blocking the free flow of water from the site into the open ocean. A couple of hundred metres away on the other side of the fences the readings of contamination in the seawter are very much lower to non-existent. Here's the charts for those locations reported on 21st October.

     Summarising the numbers there's one reading of about 10Bq/litre of Cs-134 about 30 metres offshore from the seawater discharge point for the number 5 and 6 reactors at Daiichi and the other open-sea readings are below the equipment's ability to measure them (4 to 9 Bq/litre).

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