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  •  Two reasons why: 1) tribalism; and 2) fear of ... (11+ / 0-)

    ...complexity. That is what keeps the people in much of this country whole and functioning, more or less. Tribal identity is much more important in this country than elsewhere because it is so tenuous. Things easily break up, clans and families move away for various reasons not very much is solid so what little sense of identifying with something larger than themselves is fiercely held.

    Our world is very complex and getting more so everyday. The amount of information that is being thrown around is stunningly large today compared to other eras and most people, in my view, simply do not have the capacity to handle it and are thus, in a sense, traumatized. In order to relieve the trauma and shock they create bizarre narratives that seem to put all that information into perspective. Sometimes these narratives are completely arbitrary based on some lurch by one of their leaders or pastors, sometimes they are revived and refurbished old tribal narratives like so-called evangelical Christianity.

    Part of the reason for this is what I believe to be a totally inadequate and failed educational system that is spectacularly uneven and even where it is "good" does not prepare people for the actual world we live in. The other part is the fact that the brightest minds and the most creative spirits in the world congregate in the public relations and advertising industry whose sole purpose is to use carefully researched and well thought out mind-control techniques to first befuddle and distract the mind and then directly access people's inner coding to manipulate their unconscious. People who lack critical-thinking skills and who don't understand how the unconscious actually works are extremely vulnerable to this.

    In sum, the people you are talking about would have to go to a cult deprogramming retreat to get them back in touch with who they really are. This is unlikely so I see a variant of civil war in our future--hopefully not involving heavy weaponry but you already see it in the attitudes of the Republican majority in Congress--they already have the "at-war" mentality which is why there is no possibility of compromise. Eventually those of us who are from different tribes will realize that this problem is deeper than we have ever realized. Our only weapon is to reconfigure the cultural narrative so these right-wingers who believe in nonsense may gradually split off from the tribe of the willfully ignorant.

    •  In many areas, my own (10+ / 0-)

      rural Colorado included, people have removed their kids from the public schools (primarily to religion based schools) to keep them away from folks who are different.  Since the few remaining robust industries in our country (high tech, for example) have exceedingly diverse work forces, these kids are not being prepared for employment in jobs that require you to get along with all types of people.

      Just go into a grocery store in Silicon Valley.  There are many languages being spoken. It's like a mini UN.  I always think, "How would people who grow up in a bubble be able to adapt to this environment?"  I think we know the answer.  And this would leave them even more alienated and insular.

      The federal government is basically an insurance company with an army. Paul Krugman

      by Heart of the Rockies on Sat Oct 22, 2011 at 08:22:04 AM PDT

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      •  It is one reason for the destructive impulses (2+ / 0-)
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        that we see on the right. If you take the policies that they espouse they would lead to chaos and destruction of our country--they are trying to wreck us out of frustration of not being able to cope with a multi-cultural and more ambiguous world. If they can't have their way they're going to just blow it up--this is one of the primary reasons we are facing the may crises we are facing.

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