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View Diary: Oklahoma, I Have News For You. No One Cares What You Think! (252 comments)

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  •  One thing I gave up when I started organizing (15+ / 0-)

    was the notion that I needed to keep my opinions to myself.  When I was polite but spoke right up in any situation where there were statements made about the issues I cared about, people didn't do what I assumed they would, "blast" me.  Maybe because I was such a minority (of one) in the moment and in the community, they didn't see me as a threat but a curiosity.  I also came to the conclusion that they respected me for being honest and not hiding my convictions.  That has stood me in good stead and I have had people refer other "fringe dwellers" to me for some kind of companionship.  I guess the majority takes compassion sometimes on the "lonely" among them.

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