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    twigg, TheGreatLeapForward

    You wanna explanation? Geography is character--that's all. You take someone's grandpa and plunk him down in the middle of someplace so big and so flat that if he has any remote hope of getting a living out to the place his wife better produce a new farmhand every year or so and shut up about it--a place so hostile that if he doesn't aim right and shoot quick he'll be dead of a snake bite or an Apache arrow in about five seconds; and then go forward a century or so and check up on his great-grandchildrens' attitudes about tolerance and personal weaponry and a woman's general place in the scheme of things.  I doubt either set of attitudes will be particularly civilized.  

    But why should they be?  Manhattan civilization, long ago as now heavily dependent on large daily doses of tolerance and law enforcement just for its day-to-day survival, and less welcoming of scads of newborns, may be expected to be different.

    I am certain that if the two populations were transposed, with no hope of return to their homelands, the constant crowding and the enforced commerce of the great port of New York with the earth's brown peoples would wreak marvelous changes in the politics of Oklahomans, after a few generations or so.  

    As to Manhattanites in Oklahoma, they would complain, and insist that stuff be delivered RIGHT AWAY for a time, and then they'd figure out there wasn't any point to that, and they'd get all friendly and ignorant because with all that real estate you don't have to think about the other guy quite so much, or even see him that often--it's just you.  And they'd get sensitive on the issue eventually, and in a few generations they'd like guns more and books less.  They wouldn't notice a thing, though; it would all seem perfectly ordinary, even predestined, like God's will.

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