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  •  Environmentally sustainable oil drilling, attempts (14+ / 0-)

    at "pre-sequestration" when there's perfectly good oil available in Ecuador, a shortage of diesel fuel to run the "green" Greenpeace yachts, Rainbow Warriors where the "rainbows" are actually oil slicks floating on the headwaters of the Amazon, oil slicks from members of the Yacht club, irrespective of whether they claim that their yacht club adventures are "Eco-tours" or not, hidden tribes having to deal with international oil executives who have nothing to do with their way of life, ordinary sustainable renewable hide rates, and perfectly diverse, and perfectly untouched, pure protected troll rates all go here.

    •  A friend of mine just recently returned from (16+ / 0-)

      Ecuador where he was doing a study on abandon oil sites in the areas just outside large cities but still in the areas where the native population still depend on natural waters. What he found were areas where capped oil rigs still leaked and oozed out various volatile substances, holding ponds that would overflow during rains and no fencing around the abandon site to keep out wildlife or children. It's well known in the area that the wells were once maintained by US companies and when they left - they left! Oh, he did encounter some "guerillas" in the more mountainous areas who checked out my friend - after hearing what he was doing in the area, I supposed they were relieved it had nothing to do with drugs or illegal alcohol stills, they just more or less laughed at him and let him through...

      He's due to publish his article soon and if it flies in some publication I will link to it in any future oil / environmental diary.


      by FakeNews on Sun Oct 23, 2011 at 08:23:03 AM PDT

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    •  And it's not as if businesses (3+ / 0-)
      Recommended by:
      cany, kurt, No one gets out alive

      pay all of the costs involved.  For want of a half-million dollar switch, BP gushed oil over a large portion of the Gulf of Mexico.  Those indigenous people aren't so dumb - they want the oil companies to pay what it will actually COST to get that oil out of the ground and preserve the area.  

      Must be socialists.

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