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  •  The Fukushima uproar is intellectually and morally (2+ / 0-)
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    bryfry, Roadbed Guy


    Almost all of the people who died from the event were killed in buildings and cars.

    But to hear the media reporting on this, you would think otherwise.

    Two million people die each year - independent of earthquakes and tsunamis - from dangerous fossil fuel waste.    This is not in accident situations.   This is in normal operations.

    The issue concerns the criteria for safety established for nuclear energy - arbitrarily and at great cost to humanity - which is that nuclear energy is supposed to be perfect, while everything else can kill at will.

    I very much doubt that 100 people will die from Fukushima.

    What needs to be safer is not nuclear energy, but rather buildings and cars.    They can never be as safe as nuclear energy, either in an earthquake and tsunami or anywhere else.

    That's a natural fact.

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