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  •  OWS is not an explosion; it is a (14+ / 0-)

    culmination of decades of agitation.  There's a certain percentage of the public that's taken universal suffrage and the government by the people it made possible seriously.
    The traditional elite were comfortable with having sovereign representatives they could buy and elect to distribute goodies from the public purse just to them.
    For a very long time, those goodies came in the form of "rights."

    grazing rights
    trading rights
    water rights
    mining rights
    drilling rights
    fishing rights
    hunting rights

    You could say that human rights were eclipsed by all those material rights. But, really, before the ink was dry, the lofty sentiments about God-given rights were vitiated by the recognition of slaves as property.  And, for that matter, the elevation of ownership rights over the person persists in the designation of children as the property of their parents. Owning property has trumped the human properties (speech, mobility, sustenance, reproduction, association, manipulation) from which our inherent rights are derived.
    The deprivation of rights under cover of law has a long history. "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance," because some people are always going to be intent on exploiting their own kind for their own purposes and that means keeping them in chains (secured, protected, contained)--a kinder/gentler alternative to the Cain solution of killing his brother on the spot.  Modern day Cains are into exploitation. They are the practitioners of human husbandry.

    How does Wall Street fit in?  Our deprivators have discovered that by getting everyone hooked on money and then strictly controlling who gets to have some and for what purpose, they can use money as a lever to manipulate the vast majority of the population without the herd even being aware what's going on.  But now that the deprivation gotten too vast (as was bound to happen because deprivators are obsessive and never satisfied), the people have decided "enough is enough."  The good thing is that we can take the lever of manipulation back. It's our money, a figment of the imagination not unlike the written word and we can take it back or just make more and not let the deprivators have it.

    Note that people are deprived and deprivation under color of law is a crime, but the perpetrators of these acts are not identified in our dictionaries. Perhaps we are supposed to assume that deprivation is man's natural state. The reality, of course, is that deprivators have destroyed the place, not because they want to have things, but because they want to destroy things.

    The urge to destroy what God has created is, of course, embodied in Satan--and some humans.

    People to Wall Street: "LET OUR MONEY GO"

    by hannah on Sun Oct 23, 2011 at 01:30:01 AM PDT

    •  hannah, I find you always have very thought- (0+ / 0-)

      provoking and interesting posts. Even if I disagree with you (which is extremely rare and not the case here) I enjoy reading :)

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