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  •  Plenty do! On this blog! For years! (0+ / 0-)

    As in: commercials for the Democratic Party.


    That, in response to your cry:

    But seriously, people, who Recommends a commercial???

    Btw, I havent seen Michael Moore hawking his book on his TV appearances. Rather, have seen him talk about OWS. The timing of his book's publication coincides with OWS's rise to notoriety and he gives both a plug here. Could be a lot worse.

    I do, though, get being pissed off re your claim of his absence in MI protests. Havent kept up with that myself, but remember a while back that I thought he should have been more present there. Folks were asking where he was re the OWS movement in the beginning too. I cant judge because I havent kept up on his bid'niz, dont know his life's demands, but could be the case that he could have done more there, given his background and potential.

    He's been very easy on the President and Dems in TV appearances and writings, increasingly since his post-Nader support. He has, by his own admission, felt a LOT of love for this President, given the President a lot of rope, waiting to see the good works match the good words. Waiting and waiting... holding his fire. That is where I have found him most absent. He seems to be trying to stay out of the Dems' bad graces after his pro Nader notoriety. Something I, myself, have never held against him.

    Problem is, you cant adequately depict the problem if you dont go there.

    Should a "progressive" Dem blog dwell in the safe zones of a lame party, or should it drive a lame party to break out? If it cant, should it break out?

    by NYCee on Sun Oct 23, 2011 at 10:02:43 AM PDT

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