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  •  Is what he says in the video even (0+ / 0-)

    important since he was rude to you? I am sure that Abraham Lincoln was rude to someone at some point. Does that discount everything he ever said. This is wrong thinking. Get your personal story out of the bigger picture. Dr. Suzuki explains things very well of what Occupy (fill in the blank) is all about. I have read better explanations on the Daily Kos. Perhaps you could offer a good description. I never knew of Dr. Suzuki before I saw this speech, but the speech moved me. I am afraid that OCW is degenerating into a troll fest of meaningless comments instead of people getting the message.

    •  Important enough that I forwarded the video to (0+ / 0-)

      Save Environment Canada on Facebook.

      I was just answering Ms Librarian's comment about why some people dislike Suzuki.  You'll notice at the end when he is walking out a woman says "Can I shake your hand?" and he walks by her.   When you do that kind of stuff at scientific meetings, you earn a reputation, warranted or not.

      None of this has any affect on my opinion of his opinions and he is a very effective spokesperson for the Environment.

      "Don't dream it, be it" - Brad, Janet and Frank

      by captainlaser on Tue Oct 25, 2011 at 07:57:08 AM PDT

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