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    I'm not seeing today's problems in terms of younger Americans who have no knowledge of history, although in terms of the things you mention---the labor movement/unions, the need for social safety nets and higher minimum wage---I don't disagree the young ones don't quite get it yet.  They're too busy being young.  Except of course, for those young ones who are pushing the OWS movement forward.  Just like many young ones in my day spoke up against the Viet Nam War.

    In the case of the VN war, it was because of some great principles, but also largely because those young people of that time stood the chance of being drafted.

    In the case of OWS, these young people find themselves with a lot of debt, after paying for the American Dream, a college education, and not much opportunity.  Young people, like middle aged and old people, are motivated by what effects them.

    And, I guess I have to say, I don't see the young people of today as the problem.  Seems to me they're doing what young people always do, for the better and the worse.  And, if I scan the audiences at GOP rallies and Tea Party rallies, I rarely see people under thirty, and only a sprinkling of those under forty.

    I SO RESPECT and understand your POV, your loyalty to the unions that made your life and your family's lives so much better.  

    But what we have to understand is, the GOP has been very successful in demonizing unions, starting with Reagan and  moving out and up for over 30 years. It took a damn near depression, a huge honking betrayal of the working class by the corporate elite, for much of middle America to remember
    why unions, even if imperfect, are necessary.

    It's like starting over again, in a way.  And while I shovel a huge amount of blame on the GOP, I also fervently hope that unions will never let themselves be so side lined again.

    That means, like in Europe, if a national strike is what it takes, that's what it takes.  You stop life as usual, and remind folks of your end of the power.    

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