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View Diary: The Whole World is Watching. It's Time for the Local Politicos to Realize It. (83 comments)

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  •  I found the same thing (6+ / 0-)

    My message was

    Please be patient with the protest. If you have specific concerns perhaps send a city rep to address a General Assembly. If the overnight sleeping and camping are cause for concern take it up with them directly. We all need the City Administration but the Occupy phenomenon is something very powerful and if you do not respect it people could get hurt. It is not opposed to the Administration - it is about shaping the moral tone of the nation. Oakland has a voice in it. If you have specific concerns then take them to the GA. It will be OK. This movement is a good thing. Make friends with it.

    I live in Oakland and went down last evening to check it out. It seemed very pleasant and a guy asked me if I wanted some food, which I declined seeing I had a good meal waiting at home.

    I keep thinking it would be good for the city to engage the movement on the movements terms. The protesters still need the city services. No one is here to break what works. We are here to force a meaningful conversation.

    But if the city has specific concerns which are real I want them addressed. If they are real I am sure they can be dealt with without having to use force.

    Further I wouldn't mind a few cops around just in case some nutter tries to start something silly.

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