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  •  RockTenn acquired his company (0+ / 0-)

    Grossman (the yacht boy, not the Democrat) owned Southern Container.  He sold it to RockTenn in 2008.  He's not an officer or director of RockTenn any more.  He may have a lot of time and money on his hands.

    I once read a 1965 booklet called "How to make a million dollars".  (Its author was convicted of tax evasion; he says that the IRS incorrectly assumed that he had already done so.)  The idea was to start a company and sell it.  The formula still applies, but nowadays there are some billion-dollar deals too.  Though most startups fail.

    •  Thanks. (0+ / 0-)

      I will re-visit the corp structures.

      I am pretty good at unwinding the story.  At first blush it looked like Grossman Southern Container was a well run SME of the $100M variety.  RockTenn was a holding company set up by Brown and Brown with no real assets and piles and piles of cash to do a roll up.

      Grossman was target #1 in 2006 and it appears to me Grossman thought he was being purchased to be the long term CEO at RockTenn.

      But when you are not there, it's hard to tell.

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