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  •  Sorry, I just have to add... (4.00)
    about the letter writer

    Most recently Delgaudio has focused his efforts closer to home -- in Montgomery County. Last month, between budget deliberations and zoning controversies in Loudoun, he sent thousands of postcards across the Potomac promoting his work as "Defender of the Boy Scouts."

    "Today, the Scouts are under attack in Montgomery County," he proclaimed, referring to the fact that Montgomery County has begun charging the Boy Scouts -- along with the Girl Scouts -- to use school facilities, something long required of thousands of other groups. But Delgaudio says the new fees are evidence that Montgomery officials are punishing the Boy Scouts for banning gays and gay troop leaders.


    In his newsletter, Delgaudio argues that "forcing the [Scouts] to hire homosexuals is the same as being an accessory to the rape of hundreds of boys."

    Hehe.  Yeah.  Nevermind the National Boy Scout Leader peddling kiddie porn in the corner...

    •  A First Class Wack Job (none)
      This guy is one of the far right wackos in Loudoun County, home to the madrasas known as Patrick Henry College.  Eugene has Patrick Henry students working for him--maybe they helped write this latest epistle.  

      In addition, he and his rethug partners on the Loudoun Board of Supervisors are bought and paid for by Texas developers (and others) who would hungrily lap up every acre in Loudoun.  

      I wonder what Delgaudio would say if he knew the only the way the Scouts have stayed afloat recently is by big influxes of cash from the LDS Church?


      •  asdf (none)
        This asshole Delgaudio and his cronies on the Board in Loudoun have helped to destroy Loudoun county (born and raised) with their wet dreams of sprawl, sprawl, sprawl. Loudoun is now the fasting growing corporate shithole dump in the U.S. Thanks douchebag.

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