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  •  Some Highlights From the YAF Website (4.00)
    From the site of Young Americans for Freedom:

    YAF goes on the offensive against radical left-wing groups like Students for a Democratic Society (SDS) and New MOBE in support of a U.S. victory in Vietnam. These fights carry YAF into its second decade.

    YAF goes on the offensive when President Nixon sells out the free Republic of China and opens relations with communist Red China. A number of YAF projects are started as ad hoc committees and affiliated groups to address specific issues. These groups include Youth for the Voluntary Prayer Amendment, Student's Committee for the Right to Keep and Bear Arms, Young America's Foundation, Free Campus News Service, STOP-NSA Committee, and the National Student Committee for Victory in Vietnam. Today some of these organizations still exist, and continue "to fight the good fight."

    And my favorite:

    During the early years of the Reagan Administration, the residentially challenged set up a quaint homeless community in Lafayette Park across the street from the White House. An Elite squadron of DC area YAFers formed the Lafayette Park Liberation Squad, equipped with a newly appropriated white van the Lafayette Park Liberation Squad tore through Lafayette Park liberating the Park from any would be dwellers. After a summer of liberation runs through the park the DC City Council passed an ordinance banning anyone from dwelling in the park. The DC City Council at the same time ordered that Lafayette Park be fenced in so that no more white vans would be driving through the park.

    When the Brandies University YAF chapter decided to bring conservative guru Charleton Heston onto campus the school administration requested four pints of Mr. Heston's blood for his own protection. When YAFers finally tore through all the bureaucratic red tape the school tied them in, not one leftist had the guts to take the rifle out of Mr. Heston's cold hands.

    In August 1991, YAF held its 16th National Convention in Washington D.C. YAF members from around the country gathered to reaffirm our commitment to conservative principles and heard such speakers as William F. Buckley, Jr., Secretary of Defense Dick Cheney, and G. Gordon Liddy.

    YAF National Chairman meets with Vice President Dan Quayle and delivers over 40,000 petitions in support of the Vice President.

    And my favorite:

    YAF proved itself as the TRUE organization for animal rights, as our national chairman Jon Pastore lead a delegation of concerned YAFers out against sexual deviants who perform sexual acts upon unwilling innocent gerbils. NAMBLA members got quite a surprise at one of their events in Washington DC in 1996 compassionate YAFers held banners warning the effects of sodomy.

    Gerbils have no better friends than the patriotic members of Young Americans for Freedom.

    Cue the national anthem...

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