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View Diary: The sort of people who'll buy the Schiavo list (401 comments)

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  •  Fight fire with fire (none)
    1. Buy the list

    2. Set up a phony right-wing organization.

    3. Send out smarmy fundraising letter just like the one quoted above. (The people you're mailing to are so disconnected from reality that they'll never know your organization isn't really right-wing.)

    4. Cash checks.

    5. Donate all proceeds to progressive causes.

    Lather, rinse, repeat.

    •  one step further... (none)
      No, get two Radical Homosexuals to do this. Then RH number 1 sends out an emergency fundraising alert letter explaining the climactic discovery that RH#2 is in fact a FAKE, a Radical Homo who has been milking them of their hard-won money and ramming it into unspeakable causes.

      RH#2 fires back with a letter, full of moral outrage and pleas for desperately needed cash, insisting that, no, it's actually RH#1 who's the Radical Homo, and his disgusting accusations against upstanding Christian family man RH#2 are clearly satanic.

      Keep it up until the list members either have emptied out their bank accounts or have decided that ALL direct-mail solicitations are suspect.

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