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  •  I am in full agreement with your diary. One thing (1+ / 0-)
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    I realized in bringing this issue to the for in our community discussions was that immigrants that are here working must pay fees to keep their status current and those fees are not insignificant.  The immigrants who attended our discussions seemed to feel that there should be the same requirements for all.  They were not sympathetic to those who did not comply with the requirements.  That surprised me and I began to see something else in the argument.

    Again, I agree with your positions on scapegoating and xenophobia.  I worry about the exploitation issues as well when the GOP keeps illegal immigration flowing by refusing to crack down on employers who are looking to use and abuse desperate immigrant labor.  A new wrinkle though is the idea that illegal immigration provides cover for the worst bigotry and scapegoating and makes all immigrants more vulnerable.

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