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  •  Consider "bait and switch" (2+ / 0-)
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      No one has a perfect solution to the undocumented immigrant situation.   That being said, the GOP have co-opted targeting those at the margin as the cause for all problems.  "If we could just get rid of "X" then every other problem would be magically solved
        It has been their plan of attack since at least the Reagan Administration.  What they "fear" is losing this very fear tactic as it keeps their follower's in a state of frenzy over things that they will not seek a solution.

    •  Yeah we do (0+ / 0-)

      it's called E-verify, and ending birthright citizenship for children of an illegal immigrant parent.  

      take away jobs magnet, take away birthright citizenship incentive (where taxpayers end up subsidizing their children and our own extinction), and frankly put a moratorium on all unnecessary immigration.  We don't need more people in this country when we have 22 million people unemployed, and people on welfare getting tax credits for every kid they can't support (but taxpayers end up supporting).

      The great society acts and the immigration act of 1965 are the biggest reasons for the downfall of this country - if we don't reform our welfare system, as well enforce immigration laws to the fullest, and get rid of illegal immigrants and put a moratorium on legal immigration, then we're headed for a civil war and the U.S. will likely break up into ethnostates of some sort.

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