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  •  So you mean (1+ / 0-)
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    that liberals couldn't possibly be xenophobic, so I must have been talking to somebody else? The people I was addressing in my diary are those who support good, comprehensive immigration reform but don't speak up. I'm asking people to take a stand.

    I think we have to agree to disagree about the wage-suppression thing. Calling it an economic thing doesn't make it a nonblame thing.

    For years and years we didn't enforce immigration law. That's why we have so many people here who came without authorization. There are LOTS of laws on the books that are NEVER enforced. We choose which ones to enforce and how we enforce them. This is not new. Because we're now trying to enforce laws that we didn't enforce for years, we're spending millions of dollars to deport unauthorized immigrants. It's impractical in the extreme to try to deport 11 million people.

    In the last few years, ICE raids have increased in both number and brutality. A recent example: "During the raids, the ICE agents allegedly also yelled racial slurs at the apartment occupants, like 'These fucking wetbacks! They are stupid,' 'Little Mexicans,' and 'Little Indians,' according to the complaint."

    A 2008 example: the Postville ICE raid. And more about ICE raids in general.

    •  Unfortunately many liberals and blue collar worker (0+ / 0-)

      that are typically progressive have been radicalized by this Xenophobic movement that doesn't just target Hispanics (legal and illegal as Teapublicans have been very successful at conflating us all), but anyone that could be scary:

      -  Blacks of course, the dissatisfaction of many definitely has to do with the color of the President's skin (not all Tea Party people are racists, but all racists have flocked to the Tea Party as this gives them freedom to attack the "imposter" in the White House - the irony of an AA in the White House really gals them)

      -  Women because they kill babies all the time and are uppity (well at least that's what they want the evangelicals to think)

      -  Muslims, Mormons and any religion that could sound scary (for obvious reasons they want to stir the pot among religious fundamentalists)

      -  LGBT (typically called "teh gayz" in Teapublican circles) because they are convinced large majorities are homophobic (they are wrong in general, but it still helps them with the religious nuts)

      -  Foreigners of all types as these "are taking their jobs away"

      In summary, lots of drama to keep religious fundamentalists up in arms and vote Teapublicans, but now they have introduced the fear that all of these hated groups (especially Hispanics) are trying to take jobs away from hard working Americans.

      Nope, Teapublicans are not about growing the pie for all - they want to take a bigger portion of the pie even if that means the pie shrinks (that way when there is economic growth they will get a larger share of that too).

      Then they came for me - and by that time there was nobody left to speak up.

      by DefendOurConstitution on Wed Oct 26, 2011 at 12:58:15 PM PDT

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      •  Give me a break (0+ / 0-)

        Obama is the least experienced candidate - what has he done? what does he know - he was a supposed community organizer that didn't do much for the community, then he became a professor that didn't much, then he ran for office...  

        He's a great orator when he has his teleprompter and prewritten speeches, but he hasn't done much in the real world of business or the real world, all his experiences have been based on practically affirmative action, and him trying to be black, and be accepted by the black community despite his largely white upbringing (from his racist grandmother, his words).

        Plus, he comes from the HQ of dirty politics - Chicago. Though I do like his foreign policy of reducing nuclear arms, and at least nominal expressions of less war - his domestic policies and underlying racial biases are disastrous. His immigration policy is a joke (his record number of deportations are spin doctoring of numbers) - he sues states that are trying to enforce immigration law for which his own administration is avoiding doing. I mean,  he spends money on all these other ineffective policies, when he can increase the budget for ICE and get more enforcement of the laws.  

        He's inept, inexperienced, and going to be a 1 term (btw, I supported Hillary during the 2008, and absolutely think W. was a disaster for all of mankind). Just want you to know that before you go off categorizing me.

    •  R u kidding (0+ / 0-)

      E-verify enacted for all business will force illegal immigrants to self deport if they have no job, and the ones that remain, I doubt the church or you r going to take them in, will be actively deported.

      Your overnight premise is so ridiculous, this problem has been 20 to 30 years in the making, and you think we want all of them out now - no... we want enforcement of the law, and we want to hold everyone accountable (employers as well as the illegal immigrants and their families).

      Lamar Smith's E-verify law is the best thing to get passed if you want to get legal citizens back to work. Make businesses to be held accountable, also get rid of birthright citizenship for children of an illegal immigrant parent - all it does is create an excuse for the illegal immigrant to say they have to stay because of their child or their in mixed status, well the legal citizen should know better, and should go back with their husband and child if they love them so much. Cry me a river, illegal immigrant exploit this, and they're not stupid about it.

      And you don't think there's wage supression - i have a brooklyn bridge to sell you - it's really simple numbers - the more people you have for a slot, the less wage you have to pay bc people are desperate. When you have an illegal immigrant supply and you're not penalized effectively for hiring that illegal , you can pay even less wage, and no benefits.  Wage suppression 101 - that's incredulous that you don't get that.

      Immigration is about the economy, environment, and the future of this country - continued mass immigration both legal and illegal will lead to a civil war.

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