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View Diary: WI-Gov: Scott Walker makes small improvement, but recall still a tossup (178 comments)

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  •  Gov. Scott Walker, Not a Friend of Military Vets (13+ / 0-)
    Following in the tepublican mold and ideology, love wars but not Own Sacrifice as to results of, and still while soldiers occupy two countries as one rages on with the enhancement of insurgent recruits from both and the region!

    4 Wisconsin veterans advisory groups dissolved

    Move saves $100K, Secretary John Scocos says

    Oct. 23, 2011 - As a part of the continued revamping of the state's Department of Veterans Affairs, Secretary John Scocos has dissolved four advisory organizations.

    According to an Oct. 13 memo acquired by the State Journal on Thursday, Scocos has decided to ax the County Veterans Service Officers advisory council and three Board of Veterans Affairs committees dealing with legislative and program review, long-term care and finance. The memo was sent to members of the board and the Council on Veterans Programs.

    "I am pushing the 'reset button,' if you will, in order to work with the board to ascertain what committees and councils are truly necessary for your new mission," Scocos said in the memo.

    Scocos said he decided to streamline the department after a new state law put the secretary completely in charge of Veterans Affairs.

    In July, Gov. Scott Walker signed into law changes that give him the power to appoint the secretary. Before the change, the board selected the secretary. read more>>>

    CCR:"If you're a torturer, be careful in your travel plans. It's a slow process for accountability, but we keep going."

    by jimstaro on Wed Oct 26, 2011 at 04:36:23 PM PDT

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