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View Diary: [UPDATE]Breaking:Egypt Activists will March in Tahrir Sq in Solidarity with Oakland Tomorrow10-28-11 (31 comments)

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  •  i went to the facebook link (3+ / 0-)
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    since i'm proficient in English only, i used google translate to read the  "more info" and it doesn't say anything about marching in #Tahrir on Oct 28th in solidarity with #OccupyOakland.

    Calls for the revolutionary forces of all the Egyptian people, which hits the military dreams and ambitions in a nation where justice and freedom, the wall, out into the Tahrir Square on Friday, October 28 to demonstrate protest against the crimes committed by the Council against the Egyptian people to refer civilians to military trials, to break strikes labor force, to suppress the student movement demanding clean universities, for the slaughter of Christians in cold blood in the massacre of Maspero, to leave the remnants of the National Party CONTEST in the elections without taking any action against them for what they did to the destruction of public life in Egypt, the continued application of the law of emergency, and other series of crimes which does not end, which indicates the bias of the military council of the remnants of the system, and clear his hostility to the revolution and its objectives
    Begin to demonstrate in Tahrir square after Friday prayers, followed by a march at four o'clock in the evening of editing Maspero to demand the prosecution of those responsible for the massacre of October 9, and this process starts in front of the Mosque of Omar Makram.
    It is time for the descent of the street and the Defense of the Revolution with all our strength, Justice, Freedom is not impossible demands, and will not Nnolhma only our unity and our determination to fight for the continuation of the revolution
    Victory of the revolution ... Glory to the martyrs ...

    Socialist Party of the People's Alliance
    Democratic Labor Party
    Egyptian Party Aldemcrdoy social
    Youth Movement for Justice and Freedom
    People's Committees for the Defense of the Revolution
    The free movement of the Egyptian
    Coalition revolution lotus
    National Front for Justice and Democracy
    Campaign to support ElBaradei

    i guess i have to translate the comments to find where it says they are marching for the 99%

    is it only on twitter?

    Faux News ruined my state

    by sc kitty on Wed Oct 26, 2011 at 10:32:38 PM PDT

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