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View Diary: What Would James Madison Do (WWJMD)? Would the Framers Support the Occupy Wall Street Movement? (112 comments)

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  •  I very much disagree (0+ / 0-)

    with you that they would have approved of the Koch brothers - who inherited their position.

    Inherited position was something they very much opposed.  They believed that position should be based on merit.

    The bitter truth of deep inequality has been disguised by an era of cheap imported goods and the anyone-can-make-it celebrity myth - Polly Toynbee

    by fladem on Fri Oct 28, 2011 at 06:56:32 AM PDT

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    •  Ideal V. Reality (0+ / 0-)

      Yes, in principle the Framers supported a Meritocracy.  In reality, they did not act in this fashion.  The "rights of man" were not extended to women, African slaves, indigenous, etc.  Nor were they extended fully to the poor, who continued to bear poll taxes and other infringements on their ability to participate as citizens.

      The genius of MLK in the 1960's was to take these promises of freedom and demand they be made flesh.  But to understand that, we have to accept that the true promises of 1776 were not fulfilled then nor are they fully realized now.

      "Hidden in the idea of radical openness is an allegiance to machines instead of people." - Jaron Lanier

      by FDRDemocrat on Sat Oct 29, 2011 at 12:36:49 PM PDT

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