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View Diary: Still No Major Media Coverage of Alaska Oil Spill (148 comments)

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  •  8 trillion times better? (none)
    Every time I have to grapple with a bubble-packaged product, I turn the air purple.

    And plastic grocery bags in our beautiful Caribbean, with limited waste disposal, are a travesty. Oh, lord, not to mention junked cars.

    It's getting so I value cardboard to faux leather, actually vinyl, or I seek cloth and wood. My hands would rather hold a book than a piece of plastic. Yet, goodbye forests.

    I'll grant technological improvements, but I seriously question the value of this transformation of our lives.

    TyWebb is right. It affects our thinking, our attitudes far more than appearing as roadside trash. We work longer hours, to buy more, to accumulate more, to put in bigger houses. And we have so little time for the things that matter.

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