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  •  One way the OWS movement has an advantage... (4+ / 0-)
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    that the anti-war movement didn't have in its nascent stage back in 1968 is the fact that the media has already legitimized OWS to a great extent.

    Despite occasional, plaintiff cries of "What are their demands?" and "Who's their leader?" most of the talking heads in the -- not Fox -- traditional media have come out and agreed with the general rationale of the movement, i.e., vast wealth inequality, a broken political system, and the lack of CEO accountability for purposely crashing the economy.

    I think this is a hopeful time. I'm very optimistic. Despite a few setbacks, with a little bit of luck, perseverance, and more unintentional help from feckless, tone-deaf city officials, this movement will be successful. And, hopefully, we will accomplish this mission in less time than it took the anti-war protesters four decades ago.

    Solidarity forever

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