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View Diary: ePluribus Media. Would you like to help? (169 comments)

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  •  Never heard of ePlurbis Media (3.00)
    Who the fuck are you? Sounds nice but I'm not doin shit until I see some fuckin results. Doesn't take much to start a scam. Feel bad for all who donated.
    Hope I'm wrong.
    •  Oops (4.00)
      Seriously, NYBri and Susan G? My bad all. I'm just wicked skeptical. I don't trust shit these days.
    •  Overview (none)
      epluribus Media, is a cooperative of citizen volunteers dedicated to researching issues of common concern, exposing government propaganda and corruption, and encouraging the highest standards of ethics and journalism. That's our mission statement.

       Clearly, the journalism paradigm is changing. ePluribus Media will play an important role in its evolution. We are an enthusiastic, open-source community of researchers, writers, editors, technical experts, teachers, organizers, and activists.

      Our work is generated by our community of citizen journalists. We are formally committed to the principles enumerated in the Statement of
      Shared Purpose and the Citizen's Bill of Journalism Rights composed by the Committee of Concerned Journalists. If you would like to read our ethical standards, visit:


      We are developing an alternative, non-profit media outlet that endeavors to provide unfiltered, "people generated"_ news and analysis of the
       highest ethical standards, focused on propaganda and the media.

      We take the ideas and energy of the community and do our own research and develop and release our own stories.  The web site is coming soon.

      Fund Raising

      There have been many people working over 60 hours a week for months...putting the organization together, building the web site, getting our writing team together, following the story, researching the Propaganda Machine, etc.

      When you see the web site, (due out soon) I think you'll see how big a job this has been.

      Not a penny has been collected until this drive and all expenses have come out of the pockets of a very few...for the betterment of many.

      We have asked for a little from many...just like the principle of the organization.  

      We are not going to collect any 'strings attached" money.  This is your venture and we want to keep it that way.  We have some expenses coming soon ant this seems to be the best way to proceed.

      We are a 501(c )4 corporation.

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