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View Diary: ePluribus Media. Would you like to help? (169 comments)

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  •  let me add to waht bionic said... (none)
    we posted a Name the Organization diary on dkos and we have almost two hundred suggestions.  We looked at them and took something from three suggestions (in true ePluribus fashion) and came up with the name...

    It seemed perfect... in the ways bionic describes.

    •  It is perfect... (4.00)
      I love the name. That was my first thought when I read the title and byline: "What a great name!"  It really is perfect. And memorable.

      And, I might add, it is the beginning for our former national motto. Before they changed it to "In God We Trust". I think the e pluribus part is very American and very recognizable to Americans. Any americans who don't recognize it are rightwingers anyway.

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